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To get a neat T-shirt and to encourage others to consider taking a MindReset (#TMR).

What is TMR? TMR stands for:

  • The MindReset – this group that is trying to make this world a better, kinder place.
  • Take a MindReset – use when someone is out of control it’s a nice way of saying, reset your mind so you don’t feel so angry, or upset, or overwhelmed, etc.
    • Sam: “Ugh this person at work was such an LMNOP#$*!. I can’t believe they.>! j. I can’t even fL&*#$P fL@*p…!!
    • Joe: TMR man, take a mind reset. Don’t let your mind go down that path.
  • Total MindReset – use in place of “mind blown”. In today’s day and age, unfortunately, this term is a little too literal. And there are a lot of traumatized individuals out there where this has happened to them or they have been around this. Total MindReset means that everything you thought you knew has been challenged because of new information that has been introduced.



To learn from a TMR Speaker’s Bureau Member about their experiences as a patient, caregiver, supporter, survivor, provider, or give someone in those shoes an opportunity to practice getting their voice out there. Contact


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