The MindReset is a community of individuals who seek to inspire a social movement geared toward creating a more Supportive, Inclusive, Compassionate, and Kind society where anyone and everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 


Our main purpose is to assist those affected by acute or chronic conditions or diseases to achieve their self-determined quality of life to the best of their ability. 


This group aims to encourage positive behaviors, intrinsic motivation, and community health improvement by leveraging partnerships and tapping into personal potential to share information and provide actionable opportunities.


  1. To de-stigmatize the negative aspects of being ill by encouraging individuals and communities to be SICK: Supportive, Inclusive, Compassionate, and Kind.
  2. To forward social justice and health equity by amplifying the voices of those who have been or feel silenced;
  3. To advocate for mutual-understanding and learning that leads to action by providing educational opportunities;
  4. To empower personal growth and healing by creating and fostering safe spaces both in person and over digital platforms;
  5. To cultivate a culture of health and self-care by sponsoring, hosting and/or participating in personal or community activities that promote mental, spiritual, physical, and overall well-being.

What are our standards?


Qualities of Individuals in The MindReset:

  1. SICK: Supportive, Inclusive, Compassionate, Kind
  2. Kinetic – Turns ideas into action!
  3. Honest & Accountable – Walks the Talk!
  4. Vulnerable – Unafraid to learn and grow.
  5. Thoughtful – Always thinking, creating, problem-solving, being aware and open-minded.
  6. Resilient – Bounces back from challenging times!
  7. Refreshingly Selfless – In a culture where people are often encouraged to think of themselves, it’s nice to be in a place where there is a conscious effort to think outside of oneself.

Core Values

  1. Treat others how you would want to be treated, but ask them how they prefer to be treated.
  2. Do what is right/better, and not what is easy.
  3. Try to do the most benefit and the least amount of harm possible.
  4. Every experience is a lesson if you are willing to learn.
  5. Be grateful, be positive, smile more and complain less.
  6. We as humans will either be inhibitors or supporters of others potential. To give others their highest potential, believe in them so they can believe in themselves. This also applies to self.

If you are interested in joining this mission and a group of SICK individuals, click HERE!

“The way we feel about our life and all it involves dictates our behavior. Our perception about the world changing affects our emotions and these emotions affect our behavior. Changes in perception is the way forward to change differently and more intuitively.” 

– Edward de Bono