Life-changing events can happen at any time during our lives…

Hello, I am a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor who fell through the cracks of our fragmented healthcare system 4 years ago and accidentally continued on the life path determined prior to my injury. Now as a Doctor of Pharmacy finishing my Masters in Public Health, my passion is to create more supportive, inclusive, compassionate, and kind communities to help promote health and well-being.

Please hit the “Blog” button on the top menu to explore stories about the trials of TBI progression, but also to be invigorated by stories of humanity and the incredible healing powers of practicing compassion.

This blog will center on how to build RESILIENCE, HOPE, & SUPPORT within our communities. 

I am looking for other TBI survivors to share their stories on their unique patient experiences. I encourage challenges to be uncovered as well as what strategies are being used to overcome them. Additionally, I am also looking for perspectives from healthcare providers, educators, students, and those involved in public health from all settings. I know patients find it extremely encouraging when they realize how much their providers and communities genuinely care. Finally, we need to hear the voices of all those who are impacted by chronic conditions and disabilities (family, caregivers, friends, researchers, community members, etc) to share coping mechanisms, feelings, and ways to support others in similar situations. Being vulnerable is terrifying, but it is also how we grow together. Contributions from other authors who live in the “world of spoons“, are welcome and will be shared.

Looking forward to making this world a better, kinder place ❤

– Jing