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Marching into Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a word that represents a mental state of being that indicates a certain level of consciousness or awareness someone has in a given situation or at a point in time. There is a huge importance to be mindful of and for your own mental health. If you are able to understand yourself enough to know what your needs are or how to do more than just get by, you can take control over much of your life.

I have touched on the importance of being mindful of yourself, but something many may not be aware of or actively work on is the need to be mindful of others. I have run into many problems in my own life in times where I was not being mindful or thoughtful of what others may need in a certain situation. The problem for me was that my lack of awareness led to me hurting some individuals very close to me, and hurting them terribly. I thought I was being thoughtful, mindful, and looking at things from their perspectives. You see, I think part of the human condition is to have a lot of confidence in yourself and your own perception of reality and the world around you. When in actuality this can be of detriment personally and socially if you are lacking real and true mindfulness and awareness.

Something I have learned is that mindfulness is a skill, it is something that needs to be practiced and can take a lot of time. What I really hope to express is just how valuable of a skill being mindful can be. Something that I have tried very hard to do in order to be more mindful is to remain present. It is only too easy to find myself drifting off into all of the stimuli that surrounds me in every passing moment. Making sure that I stay engaged and reflective in whatever I am doing has helped me become more mindful. Trust me, for me, it was not a quick fix as my attention can be easily lost.


I’ve mentioned that mindfulness takes practice, it takes a little bit of motivation to want to be better as well. Something that Jing Wu, part of The MindReset Team, has worked on and annually puts out is Mindful March– Which is a framework to help guide mindfulness practices for the entire month of March. It is a jumpstart of sorts, a way for those who may not know how to start or who would like a step by step guide to practice mindfulness.

Mindful March 2018 will begin tomorrow on 3/1/18 – make sure to check the MindReset Facebook page for the info!!


Please do not hesitate to reach out to the MindReset community.

The MindReset is a community of individuals who seek to inspire a social movement geared toward creating a more Supportive, Inclusive, Compassionate, and Kind society where anyone and everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

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