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under construction

The title says it all. It is something we all are experiencing to some degree. To me, it represents the way in which to view my life, as a perpetual process of change. To others, it could mean a difficult journey after a terrible accident. Some changes that have impacted me in my own life have been difficult, but some perspective I have gained has made me realize it is so much different for me as I have some semblance of control over the changes in my life.

I have an incredible amount of admiration for those who are able to endure after life-changing events. The courage and perseverance I have seen is inspiring. Being able to take what life’s circumstances throw your way in order to try to do more than simply survive can be an overwhelming challenge, but there are many in the TBI community that I have met which do their best to carve out a life where some enjoyment and happiness is present.

Personally, as a supporter of someone with a TBI and also as someone who works closely with individuals impacted by mental illness, I look at my life as an opportunity to try and change the lives of others for the better. I think there are many people in the world who are very compassionate and have this same goal. I know I have mentioned the importance of compassion in a previous post, I cannot put forth this idea enough though. Along with the opportunity to make lives of others better, it is a goal of mine to continue to change and grow into someone who is not only compassionate but someone who is able to build and strengthen communities that are supportive of mental health and those with mental illness.

I will work hard to not take for granted my position in the lives of others and the opportunity I have to truly make a positive difference for them. What I hope to encourage others with is an understanding that all of our lives are under construction, and we have a chance to do something great with them. If you are passionate about something, be brave and stick with it,

Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi


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1 thought on “under construction”

  1. People often take what they have for granted. Sometimes, it requires a life changing experience for people to realize what they have. Kindness and compassion for others is such a simple gesture but can leave a huge impact. Regardless of who you are or what your circumstances may be. Be a positive and kind person to everyone.


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